Book Notes — Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke

I. OKR Fundamentals

1. Objective

Your objective is a single sentence that is:


2. Key Results

KRs should be difficult, not impossible

Check the right level of difficulty

3. What makes OKRs work?

3.1. OKRs cascade

3.2. OKRs are part of your Regular Rhythm

3.3. OKRs Provide an Unmoving and Clear Goal

4. OKRs for product teams by Marty Cagan

4.1. Applying OKRs at scale

4.2. Applying OKRs in cross functional teams

5. Rhythm of OKRs

5.1. Monday Commitments

5.2. Communicating via a foursquare

5.3. Fridays are for winners

5.4. Weekly Status emails with OKRs

6. Common OKR Mistakes

II. OKR Setting

7. Setting company OKRs

7.1. Rules

7.2. Before the meeting

7.3. The meeting

8. Setting cascading quarterly OKRs

9. Preparing for the next quarter

III. Why we can’t get things done?

One: We haven’t prioritised our goals

Two: We haven’t communicated the goal obsessively and comprehensively

Three: You don’t have a plan to get things done

Four: We haven’t made time for what matters

Five: We give up instead of iterate



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